Onthehouse overhauls products

Onthehouse Group has consolidated its software products under one brand and has revealed complimentary upgrades and bundles for property agents.

Last week, Onthehouse Group announced that its range of real estate software products will be consolidated under the Console brand.

Console’s existing product suite will be joined with GatewayLive, LiveAgent, and OnlineAgent as well as WebChoice, MobileAgent and ClientManager – which were previously offered under the PortPlus brand.

CEO of Onthehouse Group Michael Fredericks said that in addition, the subscriptions to all of these software solutions will now be supplemented by enhanced access to research from Residex as well as further integration into the Real Estate Ad Network (REAN), which partners with agents to provide additional revenue streams from their website’s traffic.

“We are investing heavily in the group's real estate services division to consolidate our software products so that they can open up new possibilities for real estate agents.

“We want to offer tools that really help agents, from making life easier in their back office right through to helping them prospect and connect with future clients,” he said.

“By amalgamating our products under the Console brand, and combining them with the benefits from Residex and the added-value services from both REAN and onthehouse.com.au, we are signalling a renewed focus on partnering with our clients to develop the most complete set of services for the real estate industry.” 

Mr Fredericks claims that Onthehouse Group serves approximately half of Australian agencies in some capacity.

For more information, visit the Console website.

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