National licensing rescheduled for 2015

A new government body has taken up the cause for national licensing, and has promised a more common sense approach and a move away from NOLA's one-size-fits-all mentality.

The Council for the Australian Federation (CAF) has begun work on developing a national licensing model after inheriting the responsibility from the now defunct National Occupational Licensing Authority (NOLA).

During NOLA's tenure, the process was delayed a number of times with industry consultation all but ignored. However, CAF has assured Real Estate Business that this won’t be the case again.

According to CAF, NOLA's model didn’t work because not all states and territories could agree on a single model.

CAF believes that finding a workable solution may mean a series of bilateral or multilateral agreements that may or may not include every single jurisdiction in the federation.

CAF has already hit the ground running, and is currently working on the electrical and plumbing trades, with an aim to create a working national licensing framework by the end of the year.

Using this framework, the council is hoping to apply the proven working model to the real estate industry – rather than impose one against the industry’s wishes.

The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) said it was pleased to be working with CAF.

“REIA is well aware of CAF’s position and is happy with it,” said president Peter Bushby.

“Following the December announcement by COAG, REIA responded quickly by arranging a meeting with CAF… [CAF] will look at industries one at a time and will cooperate with business and industry. Real estate will be considered in 2015.

“It will take a common sense approach rather than NOLA’s ideological stance,” Mr Bushby said.

According to the council, the industry is ‘weary’ after a three-year battle with NOLA, and the REIA supported its decision not to begin working on real estate until 2015.

While it appears the REIA will be working with them, CAF could give no clear indication of the level of stakeholder and industry consultation.

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