FRIDAY FUNNIES: Underwear-stealing agent busted by hidden camera

Another US-based agent has been caught red-handed by a hidden camera - this time stealing from the homeowner’s underwear drawer.

Sixty year-old Stephen Brumme is facing multiple charges of burglary and possession of ‘burglarious tools’ local Police say.

According to police, the vendors noticed some female undergarments were missing after leaving their home for the day during an inspection. The owners decided to look at footage from cameras placed in the home.

The owners, who asked to remain unnamed, told local media the whole ordeal was ‘creepy’.

“We thought we’d like to see people’s reactions to our house during the open house, so we set some cameras up," they said.

“Whoever is going to watch this video is going to say ‘Wow, that’s creepy’.”

Authorities also believe this may not be the first time Mr Brumme has done this, noting his level of comfort as he rifles through belongings while giving parking directions to buyers over the phone.

This is the second time this year that a US agent has been caught out. In February, a US agent intentionally overpriced a home to deter buyer interest, while using the home as a personal ‘love shack’.

Mr Brumme’s real estate licence has been suspended, and he has since been released on bail.

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