Friday Funny: Poo in the post as agents go to war

A nasty stoush between competing estate agents in New Zealand has ended up in court, with one of the agents accused of posting faeces to his rival.

In what appears to be an old-fashioned turf war over the selling of homes in the upmarket central Auckland suburbs, The New Zealand Herald has reported that Grant Campbell Tucker, director of Netrealty, appeared in Auckland District Court last week on charges under the Postal Services Act and Telecommunications Act.

He was accused of posting a package containing faeces “without reasonable excuse", while he also faces a second charge of using obscene language over the phone to intentionally offend his rival, Jonathan Charles Wills.

Mr Wills, director of Custom Residential, has claimed the package was sent to his lawyer, who has reported it also included broken glass and the letter inside was on Mr Tucker’s company’s letterhead.

“Seriously, who sends anyone a parcel of faeces and broken glass?” The New Zealand Herald reported the lawyer as stating, following the incident. The lawyer added that he then brought the package to the police station.

The background to the dispute remains unclear, but Mr Tucker is alleged to believe the charges are the result of an issue blown out of proportion and an attempt to silence him after he raised concerns about improper behaviour in the industry.  

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