Double murder house tests material fact law

A Sydney house that was the scene of a double murder will go under the hammer on Saturday, with the sales agent confirming there's been “healthy interest” in the property despite material fact law being enforced.

The four-bedroom house in Rozelle in Sydney, which goes to auction with a guide price of over $2 million, was the location at which former resident Albert Frisoli and his brother Mario were found dead in May 2009.

The Supreme Court later sentenced former business associate of Mr Frisoli, Giuseppe Di Cianni, to 30 years in jail for the stabbing of the Frisoli brothers.

Under the material fact law, real estate agents are legally obligated to disclose such information to prospective buyers, even if it affects the price of the property.

Adrian Oddi of Bresic Whitney told Real Estate Business there’s been little adverse reaction or commentary from prospective buyers from being obliged to tell them the property’s history.   

Mr Oddi said it didn't seem to bother most people that have shown an interest in the house.

"I’d say a majority of the market has assessed it purely on its merits as a property,” he said.

“That said, we also acknowledge there have been various people who have said ‘Thank you, it’s not the right house for us’.

“Its guide is over $2 million and there’s been a healthy level of interest,” he added.

Mr Oddi said in many respects the response from marketplace, given the sensitive issues surrounding the sale, has been overwhelmingly respectful.

“There has been very little public commentary at inspections about the history of the house,” he said.

“When you consider that we’ve elected to handle it, I would suggest certainly anybody that’s interested was made aware of the properties history very early in the piece, they were made aware up front, we’ve made no attempt whatsoever to hide the fact there was a double homicide at the house. As a result, the marketplace has responded by saying, 'We’re very appreciative that you’ve been so forthcoming with this information, it’s a welcome change'.  


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