Perth auctioneer new star of reality show The Bachelor

The life of one WA-based ACTON Real Estate agent is about to change forever after he was confirmed as the new star of Network Ten's dating reality show The Bachelor.

Blake Garvey (pictured), 31, who will  become the second Australian to take part in the series, is currently taking a few months' sabbatical from his role as sales agent and auctioneer at ACTON Carine Glades to film the show on location.

The keen sportsman, who stands at 196cm (6’5) tall, ticked all the boxes for the show's producers and will now have 24 single women competing for his affections on the show.

His height and deep baritone voice – he's been likened to Barry White – have served Mr Garvey well in calling auctions for ACTON .

He helped establish ACTON Auction Services and is one of its team of experienced auctioneers. He’s been mentored by top auctioneers such as ACTON’s Ryan Thompson and Brett Roenfeldt from South Australia, said the agency. 

"As an agent I am absolutely passionate about auctions, I believe they are an incredibly effective way to sell property and get the best price the market is willing to pay,” said Mr Garvey on his company profile.  

"As an auctioneer, I love the excitement, the urgency, the contact you make with the crowd. Every auction is an adventure.”

Mr Garvey also pointed to communication as the underpinning factor in his career, which has also included radio announcing, commercial voice-overs, MC duties, theatre and training.

Following his confirmation as the next star of The Bachelor, he said he is genuinely looking for the woman of his dreams and puts his single status down to a combination of "bad timing and circumstance".

Mr Garvey was unavailable for comment since the reality TV dating show is filming on location.

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