FRIDAY FUNNIES: Savills boss bans office toilet hanky panky

A London real estate boss has emailed staff to ban sex in the office toilets after being hit with a plumbing bill to fix an unexpected blockage in the ladies' loo.

According to a leaked internal email (see below), disgruntled Savills boss Richard Gutteridge sent the all-agency email to his 50-strong staff after a plumber spent seven hours at their office fishing out the culprit of a blocked toilet - a tangled clump of used condoms that had been blocking the pipes.

The irate email asked staff to refrain from "such activity" in the office.

"After seven hours, Pimlico Plumbers have established the cause of the problem," Richard Gutteridge told his staff.

“Unfortunately, the blockage was caused by a build-up of used condoms. Obviously such activity should not be taking place in the office."

The internal email was, unsurprisingly, leaked, with social media flipping into overdrive about the identity of the hot-blooded real estate agents.

It also saw Savills’ head of PR spring into action, who in a statement to Metro said the historic building had shared drains, meaning the finger could not be pointed solely at the upmarket estate agents.

"Plumbers were called in on Wednesday to investigate problems with the ladies’ lavatories in Savills' Sloane Street office," she said. "It was discovered that the main drainage system, which is shared with adjacent buildings, was blocked by debris including condoms. The blockage has been removed and the system is now working."

Here's the leaked email to staff from Mr Gutteridge ...

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