FRIDAY FUNNIES: Agent Photoshops listing on global TV

While touching up photos for a listing is walking a thin line at best, one New York agent found out the hard way that you shouldn’t virtually install marble countertops in front of millions of viewers.

An agent on US reality TV Show Million Dollar Listing New York, which has begun airing on Australian TV, has found himself in hot water after giving a property a digital renovation - adding marble countertops, hardwood floors and upgrading the kitchen.

According to ABC News, the digital makeover caught the eye of the New York State Department, which has launched an investigation into Keller Williams’ agent, Luis Ortiz, and his business practices.

“I know this is a little white lie, but come on. A harmless lie is not going to kill anybody,” Mr Ortiz says in the episode.

The agent addressed the incident in a blog post titled ‘Falling Short of My Beliefs’.

“I have to admit, this was not the best of my moments,” the blog begins.

“I always try my best to stay true to who I am and to what I represent and in this instance, I fell short of my own beliefs... However, I can't say that I regret what happened.

“By doing what I did I learned what not to do in the future and that lesson is worth it. Sometimes we're told what not do, but it is only after we go through it ourselves that we then understand why it shouldn't have been done.

“I tried my best to get people through the door as fast as possible that I didn't give myself a chance to slow down and evaluate the situation.

“I have learnt that sometimes slowing down is the best way to move faster. In the end, I know I meant well and to me that's what matters the most.”

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