Agent recruits homeless man as walking billboard

A US agent has ‘sponsored’ a local homeless man to hold up a sign advertising his office in exchange for getting the man back on his feet.

Earlier this year, Chris Rezac was holding a sign that read "I’m cold. I’m homeless. I’m hungry. Spare anything", on a street corner in Denver.

But now his sign reads “No need for your cash! I’m sponsored by Joe Manzanares at RE/MAX”, along with contact details for the agent.

When Mr Manzanares’ car broke down near Mr Rezac, the homeless man helped push the car out of the intersection. Mr Manzanares then gave the man $25 and told him to give him a call in the morning.

Mr Rezac told Fox News in the US that not only is there a guaranteed pay cheque every day, but passers-by are treating him differently.

“There’s a lot more people saying, ‘Chris, you got a job!’” Mr Rezac said.

While the idea has launched the agent into international headlines, Mr Manzanares believes it is more than just gaining marketing exposure.

“It literally is kind of like a sponsorship - I want to try and help him find a job,” he said.

According to Fox News, Mr Manzanares has already supplied Mr Rezac with new clothes, meals, a trip to the barber, a cell phone, bus pass and resume and is working on finding him a home.

“I hope every realtor does this,” Mr Manzanares said. “I hope every small business takes advantage and maybe takes someone’s face and brings a name to it.”

Mr Rezac told Fox News it doesn’t take much to lose everything, even with qualifications.

“I’m actually a certified welder, certified forklift operator,” Mr Rezac said.

“To have the chance to get back on my feet is something that I’ve been begging for for a long time.”


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