FRIDAY FUNNIES: A monogamous lot real estate agents are not

After recently reporting about a real estate boss emailing staff to ban sex in the office toilets, Friday Funnies has received yet more evidence as to why real estate agents' hot-blooded reputation precedes them.

Pitting their wits against the likes of accountants, lawyers and tradies, real estate agents more than held their own in the battle of the industries in the Great Australian Sex Census.

So how did Aussie real estate agents rate?

Well, it's good news (if you're one to look at it that way), as it appears the sex lives of real estate agents are booming.

According to the survey results, conducted by adult dating website, which collated data from 17,000 respondents on their bedroom antics, agents are living up to their rather sleazy reputation.

The census data recorded a whopping 44.7 per cent of agents sleeping with more than 21 people in their lifetime.

It appears a monogamous lot real estate agents are not.

Agents are heaped in with tradies, lawyers, and oddly enough, transport worker, as having the most satisfied sex lives.

It was not such good news for those in finance, IT and telecommunications.

In fact, finance had the highest percentage of respondents claiming to last just minutes under the sheet, while tradies were most likely to tell a fib about their age to get some action.  

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