Adaptability equals success

With technology constantly evolving, a managing director has warned real estate agents they should continually adapt to the changing environment, or risk being left behind.

Speaking to Real Estate Business, Morton & Morton managing director Ewan Morton said he thinks we are in a rapidly-changing world, which is reflected within the real estate industry.

“Things are changing all the time and I think a lot of real estate agents don’t like change,” he said.

“Consumers want changes, and as an agent you have got to be really adaptable to that.”

I think what can sometimes happen is agents that are not adaptable. They may have been doing something that worked and was fine, but they have failed to see that things are changing and to adapt again, and that’s how you go back down the mountain,” he added.

Mr Morton said real estate agents have to always be open to new ways and new strategies.

“The social media, the video, I think a lot of people are struggling to get their heads around how to make that work or how to do it,” he said.

Mr Morton also said remaining humble is very important, since in the real estate industry you can be 'king of the mountain' one day but strike a disaster the next.

“I think when you look at the people who are long-term, consistent performers they are not full of themselves, they can see the changes that are coming, they adapt. I think that is an important trait,” he said.

Morton & Morton is a finalist in five categories at the upcoming Real Estate Business Awards this July, including Mr Morton being a finalist for Industry Thought Leader.

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