Fast-food legend says Hello to real estate

A newly established real estate agency has garnered the expertise and network of the renowned fast-food king who introduced Australia to the likes of KFC and Pizza Hut.

Bob Lapointe has been appointed chair of Hello Real Estate, to create a “disruptive business model to change the way houses are sold”.

Mr Lapointe is well known for introducing Australia to fast food, establishing KFC, Pizza Hut, Sizzler and numerous other brands.

He has also dominated the thoroughbred industry, leading to highly successful racing partnerships and the establishment of Muskoka Farm on the Hawkesbury River - one of Australia’s most outstanding race horse conditioning facilities.

Speaking to Real Estate Business, Phil Horan, the founder of Hello Real Estate, said  Mr Lapointe has been heavily involved in two things, firstly start-up businesses, and secondly, disruptive business models.

“Bob has a CV as long as your arm and I have known him for a long time through business and was fairly certain he would be interested in what Hello is doing,” he said.

“He is not a token appointment; he is a type of person that once he gets in he gets his hands dirty and rolls up his sleeves.

“He is well connected through business and he is also well respected, so obviously his involvement with us will have a really positive effect on the business,” he added.

Mr Horan said he developed Hello Real Estate, which helps people sell their residential properties for a fixed fee and has offices in Sydney and Adelaide, because the time was right.

“Buyers and sellers are using technology to inform themselves more than ever before,” he said.

“Gone are the days of vendors hiding in the local coffee shop, separated from buyer contact whilst the agent negotiates on their behalf.

“Hello is capitalising on this shift to bring buyers and sellers together to create a very different sales experience.”



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