FRIDAY FUNNIES: Quintuplets’ dad nabbed for real estate fraud

Call 'Friday Funnies' crazy, but when you're involved in any kind of underhanded dealings that may get you in trouble with the law, it’s generally better not to draw attention to yourself.

Step forward the alliteration-friendly Deon Derrick Derrico.

The 43 year-old Las Vegas resident, who gained quasi-celebrity status last year after his wife, Evonne, gave birth to quintuplets, is scheduled for trial in an alleged real estate scheme.

According to Associated Press, Nevada attorney-general Catherine Cortez Masto said Mr Derrico and his 23 year-old co-defendant Olujuwon Devin Bryant are accused of forging homeowners' signatures on deeds to obtain abandoned homes and rent them for a profit.

Mr Derrico and Mr Bryant have pleaded not guilty to multiple charges including theft and fraud. 

Last September, Mr Derrico gave numerous enthusiastic interviews to the media after the five babies were born.

The quintuplets, who the couple says were “conceived naturally”, became instant media darlings.

It's reported that he and his wife also have four young children: an 8 year-old daughter, 3 year-old son, and 2 year-old twin sons.

Mr Derrico arranged several national television appearances in the US, including two stints on NBC’s Today show, to promote his children.

He and his wife call their kids the "Divine Nine". 

According to an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, Mr Derrico acknowledges he identified abandoned homes around his neighbourhood and offered to buy them for a few thousand dollars, taking a quit claim deed from the owners.

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