All that Twitters not yet gold for agents

With new research claiming Twitter delivers far more revenue and page views for brands than other forms of social media, agents are being urged to take more advantage of the microblogging service.

According to analysis by e-commerce platform Eventbrite, a single share on Twitter generates $10.90 return on investment (ROI) in Australia, a long way clear of Facebook's $4.10 and LinkedIn's $3.20.

Eventbrite's analysis is one of the first pieces of research that has attempted to quantify the return of investment of social media here, and offers an insight into the monetary and promotional value of a customer sharing through social channels.

It claims that Twitter is by far the most effective driver of revenue and traffic in Australia and that in the last two years Twitter's influence has increased significantly while Facebook's has decreased.

Bryce Gibson, of LJ Hooker Cessnock, a nominee for regional principal of the year at the REB Awards, told Real Estate Business that he agreed Twitter is now the most effective and easiest way to get a very distinct message out there to potential buyers. 

"Twitter is very much targeted, so agents have to make sure their content is relevant, the same goes for Facebook and LinkedIn, if you’ve got boring content you won't get the ROI,” said Mr Gibson.  

"I’m certainly a strong believer that once you get the content right, you will drive the ROI that you're seeking,” he added.

Real Estate trainer Josh Phegan meanwhile warned that Australian real estate agencies are lagging behind other markets in utilising Twitter.

"From our work over there, UK estate agencies tend to be far more progressive on Twitter,” he said.  

"The Australian market is still finding its way. The reality is there is nothing more powerful than a database of opted in consumers, with targeted communication specific to the customers' needs. Video plays a massive part in communicating powerful messages, so the quality of content is key,” he added.

Jhai Mitchell, internet marketing business development at Elders, argued that Facebook will always give a higher ROI for real estate agents because of the target market.

“Most of our target market is on Facebook,” he said.

“I think at the end of the day if the target market is there and you are not getting the ROI you need to get better at creating more attractive advertising.”




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