FRIDAY FUNNIES: Agent's ‘Flock you’ to local council

A real estate agent was so frustrated with the potholes covering the streets of his city he came up a novel idea to protest the delay in repairing them – planting trees

It's reported that Kurt Flock from Indianapolis, Indiana (Indy), was sick of seeing no action from council despite repeatedly reporting potholes to the city's online reporting system.

According to a report, Kurt Flock vented his frustrations with the city's crumbling streets by planting a tree in a large pothole on Massachusetts Avenue.

He then took to YouTube and posted a video urging volunteers to "adopt a pothole".

“Indy has a serious pothole problem,” said Mr Flock. "Cars are being damaged. The public is at risk. The city's effort to repair winter-ravaged roads and fill potholes is lame and woefully underfunded, so citizens are taking matters into their own hands through an innovative new Adopt A Pothole program."

Mr Flock told a reporter that, "There wasn't a lot of thought behind it. There was a pothole and a plant and I thought this might be fun."

Officials from the city weren't amused with Mr Flock's pothole campaign, according to Mr Flock.

Mr Flock said they thought people might be confused that the city would actually be running an 'adopt a pothole' program and requested I take that reference down from the video, said Mr Flock.

Mr Flock said he has no plans to take down the video down.

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