Agents resisting greater transparency, says Morton

An industry leader has spoken out about the consumer-driven changes to the real estate industry.

Real Estate Business Excellence Award winner and Morton & Morton managing director Ewan Morton believes consumers have the power and are calling for  greater transparency in real estate.

“Consumers are demanding greater transparency, and we need to go with that,” Mr Morton said.

“I think as an industry we are a little resistant to it, but the rest of the world has surpassed us on that – so we need to get with the program.

“I think that is one big change that is affecting us.”

Speaking with Real Estate Business immediately after winning the Real Estate Business Award for Industry Thought Leader – his second consecutive win in the category – Mr Morton acknowledged the significant impact that digital has had on the industry.

“I think the digital age is here,” he said. “With the amount of information available out there, we are not the keepers of information any more.

“That’s changing how we are perceived by consumers.”

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