Online war ignores sellers: CPREA

The ongoing online listings war between and Real Estate Digital Marketing Services (REDMS) is ignoring the real victim in all this, the seller, says Certified Practising Real Estate Agent (CPREA).

CPREA’s chairman, Geoff Baldwin, said the fight between the two media-owned giants “should not be around how these costs are affecting the bottom line of agents”.

“Quite frankly, the general public have little interest in how much it costs real estate agents to run their offices,” Mr Baldwin said.

“However, if and when they are selling their home and they realise the cost of marketing is skyrocketing, then they would be much more likely to show empathy for the cause.

“For our industry to succeed in attracting public support to alternative websites … we must give people reasons to make that decision, otherwise they move away from the established majors,” he added.

However, Mr Baldwin’s comments need to be taken in context, as CPREA is also working on a launch of its own listing portal –

Mr Baldwin believes new entrants in the market would bring competition and better pricing for agents, but only if they are supported by agents who recommended them to their clients.

“Of course, we should all be working towards providing affordable corporate marketing opportunities for ourselves and our agencies. However, we should never lose sight of the big picture, that being the fact that it’s our sellers who foot the bill and it’s our sellers who are most harmed by the continual enormous price hikes," Mr Baldwin said.

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