FRIDAY FUNNIES: Crazed cat attacks agent

A Canadian agent and a potential buyer have been mauled by a crazed cat during an open house.

Vancouver realtor Bryn Ward and her client were set upon by the marauding moggie, with both victims requiring hospital treatment and stitches to their head and face.

The house, in New Westminster, was unoccupied at the time and it appears the feral feline had recently taken up squatting, delivering a litter of kittens too.

On arrival, the cat went straight for the client’s head in a frenzied attack, and when Ms Ward attempted to extricate the deranged fur ball it decided on a piece of her too.

“I decided to be a hero and tried to get the cat off of [my client], and that’s when it just turned on me,” the agent told a local Vancouver TV station. “I’ve never seen a cat that has just not stopped attacking. It was out for blood.”

Despite being scratched, bitten and bleeding, Ms Ward managed to subdue the savage beast before manhandling it into a side room.

“Finally I managed to pick it up, and its teeth were in me the whole time. I managed to get it into a room and shut the door,” she said.

Ms Ward said she held no grudges against her feline attacker and believes it all comes with the turf. “As a realtor, we’re always nervous if we’re in a house by ourselves,” she said. “I never anticipated that a crazy cat would damage me and my client.”

Unfortunately, Ms Ward’s client passed on the property, clearly traumatised by the entire affair.

“She had just said ‘This is not the house for me’, when the attack happened,” Ms Ward said. “After the attack, I don’t think she had changed her mind.”

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