FRIDAY FUNNIES: Behold the worst real estate listing ever

A house up for sale costs less than a new car, but it comes with the promise of death.

The 1905 Detroit home, which includes four bedrooms and is 2,084 square feet, could be yours for a mere $19,500.

However, it could just be one of the most terrifying property listings ever.

Photos posted by the real estate agent show battered walls smeared with red marks suspiciously resembling bloody finger marks.

In one photo, the words “YOU WILL DIE” appear scrawled on the wall in the same red liquid. It might not be blood, but then again maybe it is (see image below).

The house is described by the seller as a “great opportunity” with “a lot of square feet and potential”.

“Fix and flip or rent, or great for first-time buyers. Home needs work but seller is motivated,” the listing reads.

You will need a lot more than motivation to score a sale here.

By way of explanation, the listing said the property “previously was a Halloween haunted house”.

Not all that convincing. 

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