Rich Chinese heading for Aus

A property, immigration and finance advisory company sold almost $1 billion worth of Australian property to the Chinese in the last financial year and expects to double this figure within the next 12 months. 

Ausin’s finance and property divisions have also has experienced a 300 per cent increase in demand for its immigration services from wealthy Chinese seeking to live in Australia.

In the past six months, Ausin has increased staff in its immigration division across Australia and China from seven to 40 to process Significant Investor Visa (SIV), business visa and student visa applications.

Ausin managing director Joseph Zaja said the property industry is already one of the biggest winners of an increase in wealthy Chinese moving to Australia.

“Many of the applicants are already investing heavily in property and business ventures in this country, which will only continue,” Mr Zaja said.

“They have money to spend and view property in Australia as a safe option.

“Property is also tangible, is considered a scarce resource and offers stability as a long-term investment option.

“Chinese investors are helping stimulate construction activity and jobs in this country, which is a strong positive for the property industry.”

Last week, Real Estate Business reported a local migration law firm was looking to capitalise on the influx of Asian migrants by opening offices throughout Asia.

Armstrong Doessel Stevenson Lawyers chief executive Graham Doessel said he was looking for real estate agents to join his growing referral network. 

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