Property search based on transit times launched

A property website has announced the launch of a new, innovative map search that allows buyers to find properties based on commuting parameters., the property arm of, has integrated a new map search function that details public transport transit times.

The site is live, with data for most states and all of Australia soon to be covered.

By way of example, the feature allows a maximum travel time to be set from a relevant location - such as a workplace - and properties within the specified transit time zone will then be displayed. general manager Rhett Dallwitz said, “this style of property search puts at the forefront of map-based information innovation”.

"This is unique technology and one for which we've applied for a patent. It's another case of Ltd's development talents leading the field."

Other features of's map search include the integration of points of interest (POI) data across the platform, which allows consumers to find property at close proximity to schools, hospitals or even shopping and entertainment amenities.

“POI and travel time searches, coupled with our unique investment search engine, have changed the way property seekers would traditionally search for property, and are key examples of how is pushing innovation boundaries,” Mr Dallwitz stated.

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