Industry body makes way for new portal

The Certified Practising Real Estate Agents (CPREA) has shelved its development of a property portal, choosing instead to back an industry-owned listings website.

After recent discussions and a meeting in Brisbane between the two parties, CPREA has made the decision to cease development of its own project to launch a national industry-owned website, and to throw its full support behind the recently announced, CPREA chairman Geoff Baldwin announced today.

“Since the inception of CPREA, it has been one of our major focuses to establish a national property portal owned and controlled by our industry, and hence our development of,” he said.  

“However, it has become obvious the people behind SQUIIZ mirror our philosophies and objectives, hence our decision to join and get behind that project.

“Obviously this has been a hard decision as we have invested a considerable amount of funds and energy into ROOMEO. However, what our industry doesn’t need right now is to have two groups working against each other,” he added.

Mr Baldwin said SQUIIZ chief executive Nick Christian and his board have put aside all self-interest and have brought together a “very impressive representation” of the real estate industry.

“Very importantly they understand that the support and participation of independent agents is absolutely critical to the success of this initiative, and have put in place an ownership structure that will ensure independents will benefit equally,” he said.

 “Another important criteria for us was that no one party dominated or controlled ownership, and having viewed the SQUIIZ structure I am more than satisfied that ownership will be genuinely spread across all areas of our industry with no non-real estate shareholdings.

 “I was also made privy to some of the technology behind SQUIIZ and its unique benefits for agents, and I am very excited about its impending launch,” he added. 

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