Tech-savvy agents the new enablers

The war for property will now be won by those with the most nimble and quickest fingers while relaxing on the couch.

Technology, according to estate agents, is pushing the ability for people to jump into the property market. And for estate agents and listings, the best use of technology is becoming the key market differentiator.

How the technology or application fits into the lifestyle use of potential purchasers, and agents, is key to its success, according to Tony Blamey, Domain chief operating officer. Mr Blamey is responsible for the development of Property Match – a software tool currently awaiting approval on iTunes that integrates with the full database of properties within the Domain network.

Based on a US-developed application called Doorsteps Swipe, Property Match has been developed to allow mobile and tablet users to use a swipe of their hand in order to save or reject properties they wish to apply for or refer to at a later stage.

Mr Blamey said essential to the development of the app was understanding the surfing habits of potential users and their current preference for apps and preferred app layout and design.

“There has been a consumer shift to using mobile devices when searching for real estate, since now 60 per cent of visitors to Domain are coming from a mobile device,” he said.

“If you consider teenagers renting in their first share house they are all entirely mobile and we are seeing peak traffic levels spike on Saturday mornings as people are looking for properties. Tablet use increases in the evenings as people view on multiple screens – previously the only tablet use was between 9 to 5, Monday to Friday."

Domain product director Damon Pezaro said the brief for the application development was to make the process of finding a new home "more fun".

“We’re keen to see if this kind of user experience works for Australian property seekers … It’s a format that is proving popular because it is engaging and easy to use,” Mr Pezaro said.

“We are now pushing the envelope and expanding our eco-system; the first step is Property Match.”  

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