FRIDAY FUNNIES: The wrong corners to cut

In the struggle to get maximum dollar from minimum space, even professional renovators and designers admit to cutting corners. But not this much.

Often, in the hunt for a property of whatever size, online listings give much-needed insight into the daily lives of those who call that property home. Sometimes though, a picture can tell a thousand words that you didn’t really want to hear. In this week’s Friday Funnies we take a look at the extent tenants and owners will go to in order to save a few dollars or cut a few corners.

Often the results are not good.

1. The ‘where do you sleep… ohhhh' (pictures below)

If you can find the bed, you can sleep in it, but forget about the idea of spending a leisurely weekend in it.  Don’t even ask where the bathroom is.

2. The ‘contented traveller'

Basically, if you are living in a tent, under a roof, and paying rent, chances are your life, or the holiday you wanted, is just not working out. If in a share house, there may be a good reason you need that extra bit of privacy and have had to resort to living in a tent indoors, but unless you are under the age of 10 it just doesn’t work. 

3. The 'not-a-fixer-upperer'

It’s not really a fixer-upper if everything is falling down. And it’s not really a bargain if the last tenants left all their ‘stuff’ behind that may, or may not, be theirs in the first place. If you are worried about Tetanus or Hepatitis when viewing a potential property, chances are too many important corners have been cut.












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