Sales testimonials rate agents

A web portal designed to rank and rate the best real estate agents nationally promises to focus solely on vendor eyeballs and allow agents a chance to report their own results and confirm testimonials.

The portal,, has been active since June this year and currently has over 5,000 agents profiled. Some 6,000 testimonials have been submitted explaining a vendor’s experience with an agent, and the site is currently averaging about 100 testimonial submissions per day.

The website works through linking a testimonial to a particular transaction, which then creates its own webpage that is shareable on all social media outlets.

Mark Armstrong from said all the best agents already have their own referrals and would not pay a referral fee to a third party. Mr Armstrong, responding to claims made in Real Estate Business, added the website is more of an Urban Spoon or Trip Advisor and it is not designed to stand in the way of the transaction, just to supply the platform.

“It’s impossible for an agent to put up a false or dodgy testimonial,” Mr Armstrong said.

“What users want is the feedback from people already using the agent’s service, which we provide as an independent third party and that information is then ‘amplified’ across social media and the internet.

“We don’t generate revenue by selling leads to agents because we are just a platform and we will never put up a wall that says to the agent they must pay us for the lead, since we believe strongly that is a huge conflict of interest.”

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