Reforms tackle housing undersupply

A draft report targeting housing affordability has called for national competition policy reforms in an effort to improve inefficient planning and zoning processes.

The Harper Competition Policy Review’s Draft Report, released on Monday, aims to identify the link between less affordable housing and zoning procedures.

Master Builders Australia chief executive officer Wilhelm Harnisch said the report reinforces the building and construction industry’s need for bold competition policy reforms.

Mr Harnisch said much further review is needed to reform local government planning and zoning processes, given the impact of council red and green tape surrounding access to affordable housing.

“Inefficiency at the local level is a major obstacle to affordable home ownership because it unnecessarily drives up the cost of construction and chokes the supply of new housing,” Mr Harnisch said.

“Reforms that increase housing stock would more effectively target housing affordability pressures than abolish negative gearing.

“Tackling the nation’s massive housing undersupply will ensure access to affordable homeownership, provide adequate social housing and allow the housing industry to do its job and drive increased investment in non-mining sectors of the economy.”


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