Auction key to record sale

A record auction sale has been made in western Sydney, in keeping with the old chestnut that good things come in threes.

With only a three-day auction campaign, which included three days of marketing and three consecutive open homes, a three-bedroom townhouse in the western Sydney suburb of Granville sold for a record price for the area, coming in at $597,000.

LJ Hooker Granville agent Jason Gerban said the owner specifically wanted to go to auction and was delighted with the result following the three-day auction campaign.

“We were confident with recent results and with our database of buyers that we could secure a buyer. However, we didn’t want to pursue an ‘off-the-market sale’ without allowing other bidders the opportunity to bid on the property,” Mr Gerban said.

“We have reverted to a three-week campaign because the market is pushing it – with a 28-day showing we get peppered the whole time about selling prior to auction and we had mid-week showings.

“I got bragging rights in the office because I previously held the record for selling a townhouse for $522,000 at the start of the year, and $580,000 for a single-garage townhouse, and now $597,000.”

Mr Gerban said he sold a townhouse similar to the latest one he had sold that had 60 showings across three weeks, and added that using the name database gained in the showing and selling the property at auction were crucial in making the sale.

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