REIQ CEO faces the people

Incoming REIQ chief executive Antonia Mercorella has vowed to re-educate Queensland estate agents on incoming legislative changes statewide – in a tour bus if she has to.

Ms Mercorella said the Queensland real estate industry is currently in the throes of change in relation to amendments to existing property laws due to become legislation early next year.

One major change is splitting estate agents from the legislation that covers estate agents – the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act – which also includes debt collectors and motor dealers.

Ms Mercorella said industry-specific legislation is an objective her members have been striving for; the government has recognised the flaws under the existing act, which is why she has driven a "substantial review" of the legislation.

“We have a few runs on the board already in regards to amending the legislation and very successfully negotiating a majority of outcomes, and will continue along that path… we have been arguing for our own industry-specific legislation and amending the act is the first critical outcome,” Ms Mercorella said.  

“Unfortunately it has been the case for many years where the previous legislation rolled different professions into one. Now we have new, standalone legislation and are just now negotiating the commencement date, and we expect it to commence early next year.“

Ms Mercorella said she had planned to do a travelling roadshow across the state, educating real estate agents on the changes personally.

She said agents need to understand the paperwork and what to do to be compliant, which is why she is keen to deliver personal training face to face.

“The idea is, initially, to get face to face, and every corner of the state will be covered – it is one of the most important milestones,” Ms Mercorella said.

“I will probably end up doing a few recorded training videos but ideally I would like to take questions from the floor.”

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