Property image franchise eyes smart tech

Real estate photography business Top Snap has been purchased outright in a move designed to create a national franchise of real estate imaging specialists.

New owner Ralf Barschow purchased the company in October and said he intends to franchise the business model as a business providing a wide array of photographic services.

Mr Barschow said the company has future plans to integrate with real estate agents further, and currently has some 29 territories across Australia and New Zealand.

He said the company is looking to produce architectural plans, interactive floorplans and 3D animation profiles to aid property sales.

“The technology is moving so fast. We are currently talking to innovators across Australia who are coming up with new technologies and processes all the time to be on top of the market,” Mr Barschow said.

“We are basically a one-stop shop for photography, digital and print… We use proprietary software called Genie Pro, which can be fully integrated into a real estate campaign management system so you can use our images straight away.”

Top Snap has processed over 900,000 images for over 80,000 companies through the PhotoGenie online software platform.

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