FRIDAY FUNNIES: The pick of Halloween

Relevant to Australians or not, Halloween is now a rite of passage for Aussie children and a chance for them to don scary costumes and pilfer sweets from the good natured under the threat of being 'tricked' should one not oblige.

Cynicism aside, Halloween is a good opportunity to turn your house into a monument to the 'dark festival' and do unspeakable things to your home that are sure to erode the quality of life your neighbours enjoyed prior to the occasion.

So in this edition of Friday Funnies we take a look at what Americans consider a good idea on 31 October - skirting the boundaries of good taste by dolling a house up to be an eyesore, a house of horrors, or a welcome attraction for sweet-toothed children looking to score some sugar.

From alien crash landings to a house wrapped in spiderwebs, some of the Halloween designs are great. Here are some of the best.

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