FRIDAY FUNNIES: Ski hut hits the slopes

In the best example of un-realty we’ve seen in a while, a lopsided mountain hideaway in Slovakia known as the Kezmarska Hut has attracted global headlines with its unique features.

Designs for the incredible lopsided hideaway, which will sit among the high peaks of Slovakia's Tatra Mountains like a gigantic fallen meteor, were submitted by Czech architects Atelier 8000 for an international design competition.

While it failed to take out first prize, the hut has certainly captured the world's attention.

The design is that of a “simple cube’’, according to the team behind the project, but inside is far more complex, with accommodation and restaurants.

The building is designed to look like an “erratic block left behind by a retreating glacier’’.

The sharp edges of the building are meant to merge into the outline of the neighbouring rocks so that when viewed from a distance, it naturally blends into the landscape.

Three sides of the facade are visible from any viewing point and the exterior is designed so that the glass surfaces of windows and photovoltaic panels, along with metal plating, make the building glimmer, much like the ice-covered surface of a mountain lake.

The exterior is made from aluminium but the inside is made from laminated timber beams made from larch wood.

The cube is designed to house an underground floor, with garage space for a snowmobile, staff entrance, ski storage and drying rooms.

The ground floor has a restaurant and deck and the first and second floors house the sleeping accommodation.

There is also accommodation in the attic.

Source: ATELIER 8000

Source: ATELIER 8000

Source: ATELIER 8000

Source: ATELIER 8000

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