Tom Panos reveals how to become a million-dollar agent

Agents have been urged to make 30 calls per day and commit to clear sales targets if they want to make a success of 2015.

Real estate coach Tom Panos told Real Estate Business in a video interview that agents need to develop “world-class rituals” if they want to become elite.

One of these rituals is to speak to at least 30 people on the phone each day, which can be achieved through one uninterrupted hour of work, Mr Panos said.

“The research clearly shows that inspiration and motivation gets you started but habit keeps you going,” he said.

“When I interview million-dollar agents … I notice that the only thing that separates them is that they’ve got winning rituals, they’ve got habits that drive them forward.”

Mr Panos said agents should set an audacious goal for 2015 so they will be highly motivated throughout the year. It’s also vital to commit this goal to paper, he added.

“The research shows that when you write things down the probability of achieving success increases by 45 per cent,” he said.

“I think if you say it’s a wish, it’s a New Year’s resolution; if you write it down, it’s a contract for change.”

Another piece of advice Mr Panos offered is for agents to calculate how many listings and sales they need to make each month to reach their annual goal.

“What you measure you manage, and that’s why it’s important to know your numbers,” he said.

“Yes, the market matters, but it’s out of your control. Your numbers do matter and they’re in your control.”

Mr Panos also said agents should get into the habit of making daily journal entries that include their goals and problems.

People who try to think through problems in their head can suffer from stress and insomnia, and can sometimes struggle to identify a solution, Mr Panos said.

“By writing something down and putting it on paper, you create space between your head and the problem and that’s where the solution comes,” he said.

Click here to watch Mr Panos’ video interview to find out his seven tips for success in 2015.

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