Agency supports drought-ridden communities

A real estate network is launching a community campaign across Australia to help drought-affected farmers feed their livestock and families.

Ray White has launched its 'Buy a Bale' campaign to provide hay and cash donations for farming families.

Ray White Group joint chairman Paul White said country Australia has always remained close to our hearts and we want to help these communities during this distressing time.

“We may see rain along the coast, but the drought is affecting much of Australia. Businesses, families and entire communities are being destroyed and we decided to lend a helping hand,” Mr White said.

Ray White’s Buy a Bale campaign encourages Australians to jump online and buy a bale of hay to feed drought-affected livestock or make a donation to Farmer’s Card – to help farming families buy everyday essentials.

"We’re asking our offices across Australia to engage with their local communities and raise critical resources for their country cousins,” Mr White said.

“It is a vicious cycle – a farmer can’t feed his stock and is forced to sell at a loss. This leaves famers with no income, which not only devastates families but also affects local businesses who, in turn, aren’t able to keep afloat.

“Entire communities are shutting down because of the drought,” he added.

Running the campaign throughout 2015, Mr White said he is calling for Australians who are able to dig deep.

“With the support of our 800 offices across the country, and their communities, we can make a real difference to the lives of farming families,” he said.

“We hope everyone feels as passionately about the cause as we do.” 

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