Agents told to get ready for a 3D future

Three-dimensional listings are slowly becoming more popular and have been tipped to capture a majority market share in two years.

One 3D developer, Scann3d, has done three-dimensional scans for about 250 properties since being formed last June, according to spokesperson Matthieu Thiroux.

These scans can be uploaded to both and Domain and allow consumers to take a ‘virtual inspection’ of the property rather than trying to visualise it from a floorplan.

Mr Thiroux told Real Estate Business that the real estate industry needed to be responsive to emerging technologies.

“Traditional marketing doesn’t correspond any more to what customers are expecting. They want something new, fast and easy to use,” he said.

“Buying a home is an immersive experience, and those who have seen this content and reach out to the agent are ready to fall in love with the home.”

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 Snaploader is another developer that makes use of 3D scans, with chief executive Eric Fink convinced that a majority of listings will include virtual inspections within two years.

“Two-dimensional floorplans have been around for hundreds of years and nothing has changed since,” Mr Fink said.

“People want to see a floorplan in 3D. If you show someone 2D and 3D, a person will always choose 3D. Two-dimensional floorplans are a thing of the past and 3D is going to be a must very soon.”

Mr Fink told Real Estate Business the only thing that has held back 3D is the cost. However, prices have been falling as the technology has advanced, he added.

Snaploader’s technology is being trialled by Starr Partners. The firm’s chief executive, Doug Driscoll, said it gives agents “a competitive edge in the lounge room”.

REA Group chief executive Tracey Fellows told Real Estate Business that has been doing virtual reality tests with Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset.

“Would I say that’s going to be a mainstream product in this financial year? No, but we certainly have shown a number of our agents some of what’s possible with that type of technology,” she said.

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