Your clients’ walls have ears, says franchise boss

Agents have been warned that they are increasingly likely to be under surveillance during inspections and open homes.

Geoff Baldwin, managing director of RE/MAX Western Australia, said an increasing number of property owners are buying basic CCV cameras so they can check their homes remotely.

Mr Baldwin said although few owners would buy a device specifically to spy on an agent, more and more homes now have devices that can capture video and audio footage.

“One of our offices recently listed a property that had been on the market with another company for several months and, in discussion, it became obvious the owner had been watching and listening in on conversations between the agent and prospective buyers during inspections,” he said.

“The property owner commented that she was disappointed with the content of discussions between her agent and viewers during inspections and, when questioned as to how she knew, she divulged that she had a camera and microphone installed so that she could keep an eye on her dog while at work.”

Mr Baldwin said agents should assume they are being watched at all times and act accordingly.

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