Attractive agents ‘achieve substantial price premiums’

It might be time for agents to hit the gym and count their calories if new research is to be believed.

A study by University of NSW senior lecturers Robert Tumarkin and Joakim Bang has found that more attractive real estate agents achieve higher selling prices.

Mr Tumarkin said they reached this conclusion after matching sales results with the photos of agents, who had been rated on attractiveness in independent tests.

“Attractive real estate agents do achieve substantial price premiums,” Mr Tumarkin said.

“Our research shows that that the degree of attractiveness of an estate agent spills over into the property they are selling, making it more attractive in the minds of buyers.”

Mr Tumarkin said genetically-blessed agents are more likely to thrive in Australia than in other countries such as the US.

“This is a unique feature of the Australian market where selling agents show properties directly to buyers,” he said.

“In the US, for example, the buyer and seller agents represent each party's interests; selling agents almost never meet with the buyer."

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