New app technology improves house-hunting experience

One listings portal has made it easier for buyers to analyse data and compare suburbs by adding heatmaps to its mobile app.

The realestateVIEW heatmaps allow users to visually explore median prices, weekly rent and monthly loan repayments for specific areas within different suburbs.

House hunters can overlay these maps with up-to-date sales or auction results and mark nearby points of interest or amenities.

Raymond Smit, head of product and technology at realestateVIEW, said the heatmaps technology was conceived two years ago and took about 12 months to develop.

“From our research – because more and more people are relying much more heavily on smartphones – we came to the conclusion that we needed to offer the property seeker more than just a listing,” Mr Smit told Real Estate Business.

“Further to that, when you start dealing with the broad property-seeker market, we can throw charts and graphs and numbers at people, but we thought we’d take a different tack and start to build an experience where we visualise our data.”

Mr Smit said this new technology would make realestateVIEW more competitive with its rivals, although he added that the portal was paying more attention to its clients.

“Our focus is not REA and it’s not Domain – it’s the property seeker. What we do is 100 per cent dedicated to the person who’s looking for a property and how we can bring that property seeker to the agent,” he said.

The realestateVIEW app is available on all iPhone and Android smartphones.

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