New tech tool reveals if your buyers are liars

Agents can now analyse the browsing history of future buyers and discover their real property preferences.

Brisbane firm Suna Communications has filed a patent application for a new profiling tool, which is an addition to its iRealty eMarketing software.

Chief executive Russell Taylor told Real Estate Business that the tool allows agents to analyse a potential buyer’s browsing activity within an electronic newsletter.

Agents can discover which properties buyers are clicking on and discover their preferred suburb, price range, features and property type.

Mr Taylor said this profiling tool overcomes the common problem of buyers providing inaccurate information to agents.

Many buyers fail to appreciate what they really want until they see it, Mr Taylor added.

“Often when a person goes to a portal and puts in property criteria, that can often be more of a wish list than a true indication of what they’re looking for,” he said.

“Our system will analyse their browsing habits over a long period of time and determine what those preferences are.”

Mr Taylor said the profiling tool could analyse up to three years of e-newsletter data, but it was possible to gauge a buyer’s intentions from just six months’ worth of information.

More recent data was also likely to be more accurate, because a buyer’s circumstances can significantly change over three years, he added.

Mr Taylor said the software platform will also tell agents about other properties relevant to their buyers that had not been viewed.

“All the profiling and buyer contact information is emailed directly to sales agents in the field when the buyer triggers a lead alert, suggesting they could be closer to entering the real estate market and conducting a transaction,” he said.

About 4 per cent of the contacts on a typical agent’s database will conduct a transaction within the next 12 months, according to Mr Taylor.

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