REA Group rewards agent for sharp profile

The best agent profile on combines professional video with strong local imagery and interesting personal information.

Ray White Bendigo partner Brent Mason has won a trip to Fiji after winning the portal’s agent profile competition.

“On his profile page, a professional background photo prominently features a well-known local Bendigo icon, the Alexandra Fountain, lit up during Christmas,” REA Group said.

“And the video – created specifically for the agent profile – combines high production values with a mix of lightness, humour and professionalism, as well as Mason’s well-trained cohort of dogs.”

Mr Mason said “people buy from who they like”, so he wanted his profile to be something that Bendigo clients could relate to and that left no room for misinterpretation.

“There are 23 agencies and 106 agents in a population of 110,000 people. Because it’s so competitive, when you get an opportunity you need to make the most of it,” he said.

Mr Mason said a more detailed profile means more business, because buyers are more likely to choose agents who provide them with clear, accessible information.

“At the end of the day, you can only sell a first impression once – if you don’t do it well the first time, you’ve blown your opportunity,” he said.

“The dynamics of real estate are changing all the time. You need to adapt and you need to take advantage of new opportunities, because if you’re not a 24/7 agent, people will just find someone else.”

The competition required agents to enhance their profile by adding a cover photo and a quote, while also completing the ‘About Me’ and ‘Skills & Expertise’ sections.

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