Top Sydney agency Morton & Morton gets new name

One of the industry’s biggest names has spent more than $200,000 to rebrand his agency and develop a more mobile-friendly website.

Sydney agency Morton & Morton has changed its named to Morton and launched a new website that places greater focus on listings and videos.

Managing director Ewan Morton, who was named Industry Thought Leader at the 2014 REB Awards, said the website is now more attractive and functional.

“The last one was smartphone-compliant, but the difference this time around is the website was designed for the iPhone and iPad and a computer screen,” he told Real Estate Business.

“So instead of a desktop being adapted to a mobile site, it’s been written as a mobile site from the beginning.”

Mr Morton said the 19-year-old business had also decided to change its name to reflect the fact that the agency was now much more than him and his father.

The new, shorter name is easier to type into a smartphone and is also considered to be more attractive to younger recruits.

Mr Morton said the agency had invested a lot of time and more than $200,000 on the rebranding, including patenting the new brand.

“We probably realised a couple of years ago that we had to do something about it, but the enormity of the change probably intimidated us in the beginning,” he said.

“An agency has to refresh. You’ve got to stay current. Design trends change, as do how we’re marketing properties, so you’ve got to stay with the times. That’s important if you want to be a market-leading agent.”

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