Property listing numbers drop 18.5pc

Listings have fallen across Australia during the past month and in most capital cities during the past year.

According to CoreLogic RP Data, Australia’s eight capital cities had 102,159 properties listed for sale as of 5 April 2015, which marked a 5.3 per cent decline on the previous year.

However, the situation over the four weeks to 5 April was even worse, with new listings down 18.5 per cent to 24,746.

The situation is most acute in Sydney: total listings fell 19.7 per cent to 18,363, while new listings over the past four weeks fell 29.9 per cent to 6,430.

Melbourne’s total listings fell 11.2 per cent to 29,779, while new listings were down 19.7 per cent to 6,835.

Hobart’s total listings declined 9.0 per cent to 2,976, while new listings fell 10.5 per cent to 444.

Adelaide has a total of 8,003 listings, which was down 5.1 per cent, and added 1,994 listings in the four-week period for a fall of 12.2 per cent.

Brisbane’s total listings fell 0.6 per cent to 19,027, while new listings fell 6.3 per cent to 4,051.

The other three capital cities also suffered listings declines over the past four weeks, although their total listings actually increased.

Canberra’s total listings rose 14.9 per cent to 2,201, although four-week listings fell 20.2 per cent to 477.

Perth’s listings climbed 15.4 per cent to 20,352, with new listings dropping 9.7 per cent to 4,287.

Darwin has a total of 1,458 listings, up 34.9 per cent, and added 228 listings in the four-week period, which was down 5.4 per cent.

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