Friday Funnies: Evil granny outwits agents

Terror-stricken agents have been caught on camera as they inspected a seemingly haunted house that was rigged to scare them witless.

A British television network devised an ingenious prank to promote a program about an alleged poltergeist event from 1977 that occurred in a council house (see video below).

“We took a normal house, rigged it with hidden cameras, secret microphones and special effects, and invited estate agents to value our haunted house,” the network explained.

Everything seemed to be in order when the agents were greeted at the door by a little old lady who looked the picture of innocence but was actually fronting a sinister conspiracy.

The evil granny provided a hint of the trouble ahead when she told the agents that the house belonged to her late brother, who had died inside.

Chaos ensued as the agents then inspected the home, with doors closing of their own volition, shelves collapsing for no reason and objects inexplicably spilling out of cupboards.

In one sneaky incident, the old lady directed an agent to the bathroom, announced that she had to take a phone call, and left him alone as the tap suddenly started turning itself on and off.

There’s probably a lesson in this for Australian agents, but we’re not sure what it is.

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