WA group spends big to differentiate itself from national brands

Realmark has unveiled a new digital strategy and logo to emphasise that it ‘understands the WA market and West Australians’.

Managing director John Percudani said the group had used the rebrand to send a positive message to consumers at a time when the state’s economy and property market is struggling.

“One of the key things we see as a major differential for us is that we’re a West Australian company and therefore tapping into that parochialism – particularly at this point in time – is a real winner for us,” Mr Percudani told Real Estate Business.

“Unlike many others, Realmark understands the WA market and West Australians, and we want to demonstrate this through the provision of our commercial and residential services.”

Mr Percudani said Realmark consulted marketing and technology experts as part of the rebrand.

“It’s been a massive of investment of time and we’ve spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on it,” he said.

The rebrand includes a new digital strategy, because Realmark realised it had struggled with search engine optimisation and marketing, according to Mr Percudani.

“What we’ve been focused on is not just getting traffic for the sake of it; what we really want is meaningful and authentic traffic.”

However, sending a fresh, positive message to consumers is meaningless if an organisation doesn’t provide the service to match, Mr Percudani said. That, in turn, depends on staff accepting the new direction, he added.

Mr Percudani told Real Estate Business that management needs to drive the change, but staff also need to be sold on the new direction and feel like they’ve been consulted.

“People being people, they don’t embrace change as much as they think they do. They want to have something flashy and new, but they want it to be exactly the same as it was before.”

Mr Percudani said the real estate industry is now too sophisticated to get by with cosmetic changes. Instead, “deep, meaningful, structural changes” are needed to stay relevant.

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