Top 100 agents ruthlessly control their time

Some of the industry’s best performers have revealed the methods they use to derive maximum efficiency from their work days.

Eighteen of the agents who made this year’s Top 100 Agents ranking said their biggest challenge was trying to manage their time.

Fletchers Surrey Hills director Tim Heavyside, who placed 19th, gets the most out of his day by focusing on lead generation, which he said is the ultimate dollar-productive task.

“The main driver of this business is lead generation. Lead generation gets an appraisal, an appraisal gets a listing, a listing gets a sale, and sale gets the income,” Mr Heavyside said.

He told Real Estate Business he makes a point of structuring his day around core business activities, which stops him getting dragged into less-productive tasks.

“I’m out of the office all the time listing properties or appraising homes, rather than being in the office and being distracted.”

Jellis Craig Doncaster director Andrew Keleher, who placed 15th, said agents need to take control of their day so they’re not at the mercy of other people’s phone calls and emails.

“One of the things I’m always trying to do is lock in two-hour blocks for things like prospecting and training, so that way you’re not doing 10 minutes of this and 10 minutes of that,” Mr Keleher said.

He told Real Estate Business agents also need to surround themselves with a solid support structure so they can delegate less-important tasks.

“If somebody doesn’t have a PA, they need to free themselves up to get that assistance so they can focus on dollar-productive activity.”

Another way agents can maximise their work day is to develop a system for every recurring task, such as contacting prospective buyers or responding to offers, he said.

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