Modern agents are process experts, industry veteran says

Some agents are letting themselves down by expecting instant results and avoiding the less-glamorous parts of real estate practice.

That’s the assessment of agent and coach Dane Atherton, who will speak at the Professionals Real Estate Gen Now Conference in July.

Mr Atherton told Real Estate Business that some agents are guilty of starting the right processes, then abandoning them when they don’t get an immediate pay-off.

“If an appraisal isn’t ready to sell, some people allow their own need for money to stop them from following up the appraisal because they want instant results,” he said, by way of example.

“An instant result for them would be a listing and a sale, but that is not the way the real estate world works; it rewards follow-ups and it rewards time and patience.”

Mr Atherton said some agents also make the mistake of neglecting unpleasant tasks, such as prospecting and seller education.

“The two things they get right are the listing presentation and buyer negotiation, because they are the most obviously enjoyable parts of our business,” he said.

“The reason agents struggle with prospecting and seller education is because they are not as exciting and glamorous.”

One of the themes Mr Atherton will explore during his presentation is how the internet has forced agents to become process experts rather than market experts.

“Market information is available to everyone,” he said. “The modern agent spends less time focusing on knowing about the market details and more time knowing about the process of where business comes from.”

The Professionals conference will be held on Daydream Island from 12 to 16 July. Other speakers will include John Knight, Peter Brewer and Scott Draper.

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