Friday Funnies: My listing is better than your listing

So, the owner is a crack addict who sang with John Lennon and possibly murdered someone. Oh, and he has a cannon in his garden. Interested?

The expansive estate of filthy rich (and very dead) British publisher Felix Dennis has hit the market (see below).

Mr Dennis, who died last year of throat cancer, led quite the colourful life if Wikipedia is to be believed. Here are some highlights:

  • He was a crack cocaine addict who spent more than $100 million on drugs and women
  • He recorded a song with John Lennon to raise money for his legal defence after being embroiled in a notorious court case
  • He once admitted to pushing a man off a cliff before retracting the claim
  • He created famous titles Maxim and PC World as well as the less-celebrated Kung-Fu Monthly
  • He wrote the first review of Led Zeppelin’s debut album
  • In another first, he dropped the C-bomb on live British television in 1970

The estate is listed for £9.5 million ($18.7 million), cannon included.

It can be purchased as a whole or in 11 separate lots, which include a country house resting on 3.6 hectares and a leisure complex stretching over 1,100 square metres.

Source: All photos Knight Frank


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