Tom Ferry reveals ‘winning’ pre-listing strategy

Agents who want to stand out from the competition have been advised to send thank-you cards with video messages before a listing presentation.

Prominent real estate coach Tom Ferry told the recent AREC conference that pre-listing packages can help agents create a point of difference – especially if they are memorable.

“Two agents go on the same appointment: one has a pre-listing package; one doesn’t,” Mr Ferry said. “One’s able to pre-frame why you should list with me and I’d totally connect with you; the other has to show up and do it all at the appointment.”

Mr Ferry said further degrees of separation are needed if both agents send pre-listing packages.

One point of difference would be to hand-deliver the package rather than send it by email. Another point of difference would be to include a hand-written cover letter rather than a typed version.

Mr Ferry said agents can further differentiate themselves by adding a thank-you card with a video message.

“So when they open up the card, I’m there. ‘Hi Tom and Cathy, we’re so excited about the opportunity to get your home on the market and get it sold for the highest possible price’.

“Imagine two people sent a pre-listing package: one emailed it, and then mine showed up and a video played. Who wins?”

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