Agents, principals and property managers – who’s happiest?

A survey of more than 1,000 industry professionals has revealed which jobs deliver the highest and lowest satisfaction.

According to REB’s exclusive Australian Residential Real Estate Industry Employer of Choice 2015 report, principals have significantly higher job satisfaction than agents.

The report found that 60.7 per cent of the principals or licensees who responded to the survey were very satisfied, while 23.2 per cent were satisfied.

Another 6.3 per cent were dissatisfied and 1.6 per cent were very dissatisfied, while 8.2 per cent were neutral.

For agents, 53.3 per cent were very satisfied and 26.5 per cent were satisfied with their job.

The survey also found that 8.1 per cent were dissatisfied and 1.0 per cent were very dissatisfied, while 11.1 per cent were neutral.

Property managers turned out to have the highest job satisfaction, with 69.1 per cent very satisfied and 23.5 per cent satisfied.

Of the remainder, 1.5 per cent were dissatisfied, 2.2 per cent were very dissatisfied and 3.7 per cent were neutral.

The report also found that a real estate professional’s job satisfaction influences why they decide to join a particular business.

The main reason why very satisfied respondents joined their current employer was due to company culture, with 76.3 per cent.

Respondents, who were allowed multiple responses, also nominated brand on 53.7 per cent, training and education on 45.4 per cent, company size on 38.3 per cent and head office support on 38.1 per cent.

Very dissatisfied respondents answered differently, with 70.6 per cent for culture, 47.1 per cent for greater earning potential, and 35.5 per cent for each of brand, company size, and training and education.

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