Agent calls in the drones for multimillion-dollar sale

One agent has sent drones whizzing over and through his latest listing, after a previous campaign received almost 87,000 views on YouTube.

Jellis Craig Doncaster agent Matthew Lockyer has used drone footage to emphasise the scale and attractiveness of a five-bedroom Melbourne home that is expected to sell for about $6 million.

The hero shot involves the drone flying away from the balcony to unveil the 2.4-hectare Wonga Park estate, which includes a pool and tennis court.

Mr Lockyer told REB he won the listing after getting a strong result for a similar property in the nearby suburb of Chirnside Park, which sold in March for an undisclosed price.

One of the things that impressed the vendor was that the Chirnside Park video received more than 85,000 views on YouTube, according to Mr Lockyer.

“Everyone’s using video at the moment but I think we went one step ahead with how we did our video, using a drone and then flying it through the house which was completely different,” he said.

Mr Lockyer said enticing video content is a great way to get in front of wealthy buyers who might only be considering other high-end properties.

“What we’re finding is that a lot of people who buy these properties aren’t looking in the area that we're selling them,” he said.

“They come across it via a video. I think they may have an area in mind, but they may fall in love with a house and that’s what we're really trying to prey on with our marketing.”

Mr Lockyer told REB that drone campaigns usually cost between $2,000 and $3,000, and that vendors are willing to pay when they can be shown how well drones have worked.

However, Mr Lockyer said agents need to be selective because drone footage usually doesn’t work well for typical suburban homes built in a cluster.

“With top homes you're able to manoeuvre the drone in different angles, you can drive it up to the home, you can fly into the home with some of them,” he said.

“Some of these buildings have eight-metre high ceilings, so we're able to manoeuvre the drone in different areas as well.”

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