Toop&Toop eases staff ‘guilt’ with new investment

The company that helped introduce drones and 3D technology to the industry has gone old-school with its latest innovation.

Toop&Toop has invested in a free creche service for its 133 staff in a move designed to boost productivity and counteract the impact that real estate hours can have on family life.

The creche has been added to the Adelaide agency’s wellness centre – a free 24-hour staff gym opened in 2014 that has been credited with raising customer service.

Toop&Toop has hired a manager for the crèche, but staff can also watch their children while working from hot-desk facilities.

Head of property management Suzannah Toop said the creche will help staff maintain a sustainable real estate career.

“We believe providing care for mums returning back to work, and also our dads if their partners need support, will help in recruiting and retaining our team, allow them to perform at their best and allow them to see their children more, something that is a common problem and which provides a big burden of guilt for some real estate agents,” Ms Toop said.

The agency’s head of sales and marketing, Genevieve Toop, said she and her sister understood the challenge women face when trying to combine a career with raising a family.

“We have also seen first-hand, growing up in the real estate world, how hard this has been traditionally to juggle,” she said.

“For women in real estate in particular, it has been seen that one has to give way to the other – career or start a family – but with the way business is going, with all of the innovation, technology, communication and ease of accessibility, at Toop&Toop we can't see why women can't have both.”

The creche and wellness centre are based in the agency’s Norwood head office, which is central to its other six sites.

Toop&Toop invested in 3D video technology and drone 'quadricopters' in 2013.

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